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Séminaire sur Jeunesse et Conflits

lundi 13 septembre 2004

Du 19 au 26 septembre 2004, au Centre européen de la jeunesse à Strasbourg, est organisé un séminaire sur le travail en direction des jeunes face à la question des conflits.Si vous souhaitez y participer, merci de me contacter rapidement à l’email suivant :

The Role of Youth Work in Addressing Significant Conflict
September 19th to 26th, 2004
European Youth Centre, Strasbourg France

Introduction and Aims :
Many youth work organisations have considerable experience in creating programmes, projects and activities which address issues of significant conflict, including wars, religious and ethnic conflict, human rights abuses, racism, homophobia and other forms of intolerance.

This seminar aims to create a safe space in order to open dialogue, share experiences, and promote co-operation amongst young people who are involved and/or interested in youth work which deals with these issues of significant conflict.

Objectives :
• To explore the role of youth work in addressing areas and situations of significant conflict
• To share and compare examples of good practice in various conflict areas from countries across Europe, and prepare participants to adapt these new ideas into their own realities
• To explore the potential impact of youth work on the society and community generally, particularly as a catalyst for promoting peace, respect and tolerance
• To create a positive and cohesive group environment through effective communication, team building etc
• To provide the participants with appropriate tools for developing future activities aimed at addressing issues of significant conflict through youth work
• To raise the participants’ awareness of issues related to prejudice and stereotypes
• To incorporate concepts of Human Rights Education, inter-cultural learning, respect and tolerance

Methodology :
The whole seminar is perceived as a mutual learning situation, based on participants’ experience. Emphasis will be placed on working on the basis and development of this experience. Active participation, group and team work and learning-by-doing form the foundations of this seminar.

Profile of participants :
• Young people between the ages of 18 and 26 years.
• Experience and/or interest in the area of youth work addressing issues of significant conflict
• Willingness and ability to act as a “multiplier” in your own country
• A readiness to meet with people from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, and to enter into respectful dialogue
• We strongly encourage participation from people of diverse backgrounds
• The main working language will be English. Translation into French will be made available if required.

Priority will be given to people from ECYC member organisations. However, a number of places will be made available to people from countries where ECYC does not have a member organisation, particularly those countries with direct experience of recent conflict situations.

It is unlikely that more than two places will be available for each country. However, each organisation is invited to nominate one or two extra persons for the waiting list.

Time and place :
Arrival : Participants should aim to arrive during the day on Sunday 19th September, 2004. The activities will begin with dinner on that evening.
Departure will be on Sunday 26th September after breakfast.
Place : The seminar will be held at the European Youth Centre in Strasbourg, France. Details of the venue and travel arrangements will be sent to all participants.

All participants should attend the entire seminar. Failure to do so will mean that we are unable to reimburse travel costs.

Financial issues :
Participation fee is 43 Euro per participant. The fee covers accommodation, meals, and seminar programme activities. The fee will be deducted from the travel reimbursement.
All international travel costs will be reimbursed, in strict accordance with the travel rules of the European Youth Foundation. Local travel costs will also be reimbursed if the overall budget allows. All travel receipts must be kept and taken to Strasbourg for copying. Otherwise, no travel reimbursement will be possible.

Each organisation is responsible for proper insurance coverage of their own delegates.

The enrolment form must be returned to the ECYC Secretariat as soon as possible but not later than the date given below. Please make sure each organisation sends both the application form filled in by each participant, and the summary details, to be completed by the ECYC member organisation.

Participants travelling from countries which require visas for France are strongly encouraged to apply as soon as possible, to allow sufficient time for visa applications. If you need an official letter of invitation, please make sure to send us the necessary information (passeport numbers, expiry dates, dates of birth, correct address of each participant, etc).