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Séminaire "Les jeunes d’aujourd’hui ? Etes-vous prêts ? "

mardi 14 septembre 2004

du 31 octobre au 6 novembre 2004 à Malle, Belgique
Thématique : " Les jeunes d’aujourd’hui ? Etes - vous prêts ?"
Quelques questions développées lors de cette rencontre :
Les jeunes, êtes-vous prêts à être vous mêmes ? Etes - vous
prêts à vous impliquer ? Etes-vous prêts à vous engager ? Etes-vous prêts à vous exprimer ?

Ce séminaire international s’adresse à tous les jeunes de 16 à 25 ans ( Voir programme ci-dessous - en anglais - langue de travail du séminaire ).
Si vous êtes intéressés, vous pouvez nous contacter par mail avant le 24 octobre 2004.


Youth of Today
Are you ready ?
A five day journey in the mind and world of young people

ECYC invites you to an international seminar under the above headline, organised by VFJ and taking place from 31 October till 6 November 2004 in Malle, Antwerp in Belgium.
At this seminar we will try to find an answer to the following :

• Are you ready to be yourself ?

 All over Europe, youngsters are confronted with prejudices. Decision makers, parents, teachers or society in general do not always show an unbiased view towards youngsters. And also youngsters look at the world that surrounds them with their own eyes, their own point of view.
You will explore the gap between your own identity and society’s perception of it.

• Are you ready to be involved ?

 Being involved as a volunteer in a youth organisation moulds your identity. Being involved as a volunteer can also serve as a mean to diminish the gap between the image society has of youngsters and the perceived identity youngsters have of themselves.
We’ll try to determine the main conditions and social themes youngsters need to be involved and which incentives are needed to create the ‘ideal conditions’.

• Are you ready to participate ?

 Youth volunteers learn how to take responsibility, how to work in a team, how to plan a budget, how to negotiate …
We challenge you to take up responsibility and be the driving spirit in a Flemish youth club !

• Are you ready to realise your dreams ?

 Young people have to be capable to realise innovative ideas. Let us compare our dreams and find out others tried to translate them into reality.

• Are you ready to take a stand ?

• We’ll create a forum in which you can discuss, agree, oppose, explain, amend … based on your ideas and experience. The ultimate goal will be to create a ‘Charter of the universal rights of youngsters and their place in society’.

The working methods used will be based on a range of experiential and non-formal approaches, taking into consideration the intercultural differences. This will include :
• interactive workshops
• small and large group discussion
• exchange of experiences
• simulation activities
• role plays
• visits to organisations, …

There will also be input from various experts on youth participation.

Why participate on this seminar ?
Because you are young and feel young, because you’re looking for some answers, because you feel you have a lot to offer, because youth work and your position in society concerns you, because you want to meet young people in an intercultural environment and last but not least … because you want to have FUN.

Profile of participants :
• Young people from ECYC member organisations between 16 and 25. (16 is the absolute minimum age)
• 3 participants per country. Each country is invited to nominate one or two extra persons for the waiting list.
• Able to communicate well in English as this will be the working language of the seminar. Please bring a dictionary if your English is not so brilliant.

Voir en ligne : association VFJ