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Séminaire sur la jeunesse et l’alcool

mardi 14 septembre 2004

Les 9 et 10 octobre 2004 est organisé un séminaire à Bruxelles sur les jeunes Européens et l’alcool ( par la plate-forme de discussion Génération Europe).
Pour y participer, contacter directement Generation Europe.

Voir le PROGRAMME ci-dessous en anglais ( langue de travail de la rencontre ) :

Free trip to Brussels ?
Interested in corporate & public policy & advertising and marketing ? Concerned about alcohol abuse ? Got something to say about the regulation of alcohol advertising and sales promotion ? Available to attend a workshop for 19-29 year olds in Brussels in October ?

Generation Europe, Europe’s leading online community and discussion platform for 19-29 year olds, is partnering with the Amsterdam Group, the European Forum for Responsible Drinking, to review with a group of young Europeans its “Common Standards for Commercial Communications”. The Common Standards are widely adopted in Europe and form the basis of both companies’ codes of responsible marketing conduct and national self-regulatory codes. They are more robust than, and therefore compliment more general national self-regulatory codes, because they contain provisions that are specific to alcohol. For more please visit :

The Amsterdam Group’s “Common Standards” are designed to ensure that the alcohol industry’s commercial communications do not promote excessive consumption or misuse of any kind. “Commercial communications” are defined as all brand advertising or marketing communications to consumers, regardless of the medium used (e.g. print, broadcast media, labeling, packaging, Internet) and including consumer promotion, merchandising, point of sale material and sponsorship.

What’s involved ?
We need up to 20 high caliber candidates, aged 19-29 from the 25 member states of the EU, who are interested in participating in a weekend workshop in Brussels and making a real contribution. The workshop will take place on October 9th-10th 2004. In exchange for your time and your input all costs will be covered – and you will be invited to spend the day relaxing with us our on your own before flying home on Sunday evening.

Are you ?
• Interested in the subject ?
• Motivated and constructive ?
• Fluent in English ?

How to apply ?
• Register at and click on “Alcohol & Young Europeans”
• Complete the online survey on Responsible Alcohol Consumption
• Send to a letter of motivation, your CV, a recent photograph and 500-1000 words in answer to the following question : “Is alcohol promotion controversial ? If so why, and how might this controversy be reduced ?”

Voir en ligne : Generation Europe