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Proposition d’actions EuroMed

lundi 21 février 2005

L’association israélienne ( mouvement de jeunesse ) Kfar Vradim propose aux associations qui le souhaitent des projets d’échanges de jeunes et d’échanges de volontaires dans le cadre du Programme EuroMed. Ces projets doivent être déposés le 1er juin 2005 - pour un début d’action en janvier 2006 ( lire le texte qui suit) :

Euro Med Desk Kfar Vradim ( contact : Dan Wollner )
P.O. Box 578
Kfar Vradim, 25147

Tel : +972 4 9997186 Mobile : +972 54 4 626944 Fax : +972 57 7976598
E mail :

Topic : June 1,2005 Applications for January, 2006 Projects

Dear Friends,
We have been advised that the present ’freeze’ on applications from Meda countries applying for projects will end by the middle of the year. This will allow for applying for new projects starting in January 2006.
This means we must start preparing the applications now !

We are interested in :
Action 2 (Volunteer Projects) :
Four projects each of 6 volunteers
a) An expansion of the project in Kfar Vradim
b) Two projects in Hadera (center of Israel) working with the Ethiopian Community (12 volunteers)
c) One project, near Haifa, working with the disabled and their inclusion into society ( 6 volunteers)

We also have 8 volunteers looking for work in Europe do you have any possibilities ? – starting as soon as you need !!

Action 2 (Short exchange Programs) :
We have great interest in joining projects in European or Meda countries.
Do you have any projects planned and/or keep is in mind for your future projects.

We have 3 projects planned based on :
• Ecology
• Sport
• Minority Group Inclusion
Each project 6 countries and 8 youths per country
Please advise your interest.

Action 5 :
We are planning a seminar on the absorption of minority groups and looking for suitable partners.
We have only four months to find suitable partners/volunteers, write and apply.
For more information on any particular projects contact me.

Dan W