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Séminaire de l’ECYC à Strasbourg pour les animateurs/coordinateurs jeunesse

jeudi 2 mars 2006

La Confédération européenne des clubs de jeunes organise à Strasbourg du 26 février au 5 mars 2006 un séminaire d’échanges de savoir-faire pour les animateurs jeunesse de son réseau.
Si vous souhaitez y participer, contactez au plus vite l’ECYC.

Voir descriptif et coordonnées ci-dessous :

ECYC presents :
Training for Trainers in Open Youth Work
A training seminar for young people aged 16 to 28
European Youth Centre, Strasbourg France
26th February to 5th March 2006
The aim of the seminar is to support young people involved as leaders in youth organisation to develop their skills as trainers, and to explore related issues such as project planning and design.
Objectives :
The seminar will bring young people together from across Europe. At the end of the study session, the participants will be able to :
• Identify the key characteristics and qualities of an effective trainer
• Understand and explain the role of the trainer
• Articulate and utilise a wide range of training tools and techniques
• Identify the range of issues involved in preparing a training programme
• Explain a number of ways of handling difficult situations which might arise during training
• Understand and explain the basic principles of the theory of different learning styles
• Plan, prepare and present individual and group presentations
• Identify the purpose of evaluating training, and some ways of doing this
• Identify a range of sources of high quality resources and materials relevant to training youth leaders
• Consider how they might use these skills in their local communities and organisations

Working methods :
The seminar will use a variety of methods to achieve its aims. This is likely to include small and large group discussions, plenary sessions, simulation games and role-plays, small group workshops, individual reflection, individual and group presentations, and guest speakers.
Intercultural learning, peep to peer learning, experience exchange will be the basis for the learning process.
Profile of participants
• Participants will have a strong involvement in an ECYC member organisation or other youth organisations in Europe, with an active interest in sharing the learning gained during the seminar.
• Aged between 18-28
• Priority will be given to people who have taken part in an ECYC seminar before.
• Initially a maximum of 2 participants per country. Each country is invited to nominate one or two extra persons for the waiting list.
• Able to communicate well in English, as this will be the working language of the seminar.

Practical Information :

• Arrival in Strasbourg during the day on Sunday 26th February, no later than 18.00 hr

• Departure on Sunday 5th March after breakfast

• Participants MUST follow the travel rules outlined by the Council of Europe regarding type of travel, tickets and so on. Failure to follow these guidelines will lead to the travel reimbursement NOT being paid to the participant(s). Please ask the ECYC Secretariat for advice if you have any concerns about the travel rules and guidelines.

• The participants may need to share rooms.

Financial issues :
• Participation fee is 45 Euro per person. The fee covers accommodation, meals and seminar programme activities.

• 100% of travel costs will be reimbursed to participants from Central and Eastern European countries, and a minimum of 85% for participants from Northern and Western European countries. This will include visa costs. PARTICIPANTS MUST ATTEND AT LEAST 80% OF THE SEMINAR TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR A TRAVEL REIMBURSEMENT.

• Each organisation sending participants is responsible for arranging suitable insurance coverage (travel + physical / medical) of their own delegates.

• Reimbursements will be paid by bank transfer to the sending organisation, except for countries where bank transfers are problematic. Anyone requiring a cash reimbursement MUST notify ECYC at least 2 weeks prior to the seminar commencing.

What to bring/to prepare :

• Each participant should bring something from their own country to share during the intercultural evening (such as music, food, drinks), along with information about their sending organisation.
• The weather in Strasbourg in February and March is likely to be cold, but can vary considerably. Please come prepared for anything from fairly mild to very cold weather.

***Closing date for enrolments : 13th January, 2006***
• The enrolment form must be returned to the ECYC secretariat as soon as possible but no later than the above date.
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Phone : + 32 3 231 1870  Fax : +32 3 226 4085
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