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Since 1948, the French Federation of Youth and Culture Centres supports the centres of its network.

With years of experience, a strong commitment from its structures and an effective territorial network, the FFMJC (French Federation of Youth and Culture Centres) develops its areas of expertise in several fields and public policies for its network and the territories it works with.

Areas of expertise:

  • Youth, Culture and Citizenship
  • Non-formal education, the associative sector, social and community life
  • Public policies (territorial development, urban policy, social and cultural community services, social actions)
  • Issues concerning our members and territories (community life, administration, technical and legal issues, human resources, accountability, associative finances,…).

We host research & development meetings on Youth, Culture and Citizenship issues in order to expand our fields of expertise. These meetings trigger national actions gathering our members around questions on structuring fields (Scènes Culturelles de Proximité (“local cultural stages” label), Visual image education, Media education, Citizen Initiatives Lab,…).

The FFMJC is also involved with the Civil Volunteering Agency for young people who want to become volunteers.

Areas of expertise

We develop areas of expertise and research in the fields of Youth, Culture and Citizenship.

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