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Areas of expertise


The FFMJC develops its areas of expertise thanks to research, analysis and forecasting for the members and territories involved in the network.

The main purposes are:

  • To host meetings with experts dealing with contemporary issues or innovative themes in the fields of Youth, Culture and Citizenship
  • To list and promote the creative, emerging and structuring practices of the network
  • To encourage the spreading of these initiatives and to enrich projects as well as practices of counselling for each MJC (Youth and Culture Centre)

The FFMJC represents, promotes and defends the principles, actions and claims of the MJC – in their name and with their support – relating to youth, culture and citizenship with public authorities (state departments, civil services, regional and local authorities…) and other associative networks involved in those issues.

The FFMJC commits itself for the recognition of MJC as structuring actors on their territories (cultural, institutional, educational, associative…).

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