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Who are we ?


The French Federation of Youth and Culture Centres is a non-formal educational federation. It was created in 1948.

Some facts

  • The French Federation of Youth and Culture Centres covers a large part of the territory with 6 regional federations, 9 local federations and 9 local unions
  • It employs 165 people locally, in “départements”, regionally or nationally
  • More than 400 centres are affiliated to the French Federation, which represents more than 100 000 members
  • On 10 000 regular volunteers, more than 30 000 are involved in actions and projects
  • The network represents more than 2 000 jobs in the associative sector
  • 500 000 young people are involved in Youth and Culture Centres’ projects and actions
  • More than 1 million people attend to Youth and Culture Centres’ events and projects


The French Federation of Youth and Culture Centres federates and supports independent, secular, non-formal educational local associations, as well as regional associations, in order to help them develop their project of non-formal education.

Main activities

  • Supporting and co-elaborating public policies by developing expertise and engineering for local development (i.e.: Fabriques d’Initiatives Citoyennes (Citizen Initiatives Labs, conventions with associations and public entities for local purposes)
  • Supporting the affiliated associations, animating, helping and representing the federal network on a national level
  • Developing the skills of all actors in the network (with professional learning, volunteer learning), hosting meetings and events about innovation as well as research and development for the Youth and Culture Centres’ federal project
  • Deploying qualified federal employees supported by the Federation in associations or local projects under conventions with associations or public services
  • Developing Volunteering and community Involvement in all its forms: supporting volunteers and the organisations welcoming them (i.e.: Service Civique (Civil Volunteering,…)
  • Hosting meetings related to our areas of expertise, mostly on Youth, Culture and Citizenship issues but also on Territories issues (rurality, urbanity, priority neighbourhoods,…) and Social issues: competitive intelligence, resources, learning, innovation and experiments, developing national actions (i.e.: helping with obtaining the label “Scène Culturelle de Proximité” (cultural label), education in the visual image and the challenge 24h des Réalisations, Media education & Medialab,…)

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